Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind

What we would like to do with our games and this Wikia is to tell History, creating a kind of historical encyclopaedia, in particular with this document. 

This isn’t a technical treatise, but rather a "historical novel" where we report different theories and hypotheses accepted by the scientific community, especially for those passages where there is still no certainty. 

We cannot promise to succeed in the endeavour, but we do know for sure that we will need your help: for those who will give us even just  a simple like on a social, we already say thank you. We are so excited to start this journey together with you that we cannot wait to work on the next steps for this adventure.

Talking about History means to talk about Mankind in all its entirety: History contains within it all the inventions, discoveries, works of genius and mind. It is not only about History, but also physics, philosophy, engineering, astronomy, geology, economics, sociology, etc. We will begin from the creation of the Universe and will follow with the formation of planets, focusing on one very dear to us, the Earth.

But why tell the History of Mankind starting from the Big Bang and the History of the Universe? The answer is very simple and perhaps even banal: because we are made of what was created in those first moments and then subsequently inside the supernovae; all the elements that constitute us, materially, were forged by the Universe inside the Universe itself and are composed of particles and matter produced in the Big Bang: because not only we are in the Universe, but also because the Universe itself is inside us.

Don't worry, this Wikia won’t bore you with the story of every single chemical, atomic and molecular process. It will try to report the various stages that have made our world possible, in a way that they are understandable to all. Or at least make them known sufficiently in their complexity and depth, so that you can say you have really understood them. Now, we will start with the theories about the origins and nature of the Universe.

Let us warn you, we are not historians, but only great enthusiasts and, of course, we do not have a perfect knowledge of the whole History. This Wikia, therefore, is not a scientific text, nor do we claim to want to write a scientific text. This is simply a narration of History, from the beginning to today, trying to examine facts in depth and sharing the most recent discoveries and hypotheses considered valid, yet still remaining accessible to all.

You understand then that this is not a scientific essay that supports who knows what thesis. We do not support any thesis, if not the greatness and mystery of the Human Spirit, as it unfolds in the meanders of History, and the mystery and appeal of this Universe and this Earth in which we find ourselves.

Why History? Why? Because it is the Story of stories. It is more incredible than any tale and, above all, it is true, and perhaps more incredible than any tale precisely because it is true. But first, before starting this adventure, came the Earth, and before that the Universe. How? We are going to see it together.

There are various theories about these hot topics, so take this reading, and this game, like a stop in the pre-universe, before time and History itself. 

You can navigate this Wikia freely or following the path we have designed for you: if you wish to follow, just tap on the blue links when you find them to examine a specific subject in depth.



Prometheus Brings Fire to Mankind - Heinrich Friedrich Füger